14 June 2007

Further Proof That Bush is Insane

The White House is urging the Senate not to take any action on a bill that passed overwhelmingly in the House. Members of the House passed the "Safe American Roads Act of 2007" on 15 May by a count of 411 - 3.

It is Bush's intent to allow Mexican truckers full access to US roadways. "Whatever it takes, the administration is going to make sure that Mexican long-haul rigs have free access on U.S. roads before George W. Bush leaves office," said Todd Spencer. Spencer is the executive director of the "Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association".

Great, first we have illegal immigrants invading the country, now we will have Mexican truckers clogging the freeways, and you thought that the freeways were crazy before.


The Teamsters are going to sue to halt this program.

Happy Flag Day

Happy Flag Day! I hope that you are flying yours today.

13 June 2007

Fred Thompson

I have a question for anyone that wants to answer. If Fred Thompson gets into the Presidential race, will his opponents ask for equal air time? He has how many hours of screen time on Law & Order?

*update* The following was an answer from Bill Mick in email.

Great question...and yes, they are likely to ASK for equal time. I do not believe they will get it.

As far as radio goes, and I do believe TV's rules are the same, equal time means within the election period...for us that is: 45 days out of a primary election, 60 days from a general.

Not media's fault that the campaigns run much farther out than that.

Also, funny thing is that radio is REQUIRED to provide ad time at lowest rates for the period...there are some caveats, but in general, we get stuck losing money (we only have so much time in a day and unlike newspaper, we can not add minutes like they do pages) when a campaign is ongoing while newspapers have no such restriction. In the paper the candidates pay whatever the going INFLATED rate is.

I can interview a candidate that already holds office because he is a newsmaker and if we stick to news related issues, do not have to interview the opposition. If the candidacy is the topic, then equal time applies. Equal time really means equal opportunity. If a candidate has the same chance but declines, then too bad.

I issue one invitation and a date. Candidate can come on or not as he chooses. If they want to be elected in our area, they come on. If not, it is on them.

You may see USA or other networks reduce air play of Law and Order episodes that contain Thompson during the campaign period, but I doubt it. The candidate that starts screaming about that is simply directing attention at Thompson which is not wise politically.

12 June 2007

Senate Immigration Bill, Round 2

Despite only 23% of Americans favoring the Senate Immigration Bill, President Bush is still looking to pass the controversial legislation. Bush made a rare visit to the Hill to meet with GOP Senators to discuss the Bill.

It was unclear whether Bush changed any minds. His approach has sparked a backlash among some of the party's core supporters, who see the legislation as amnesty for people who sneaked into the country.

I personally think that the President has lost his mind on this issue. I can't help but think that if Bush was a first term president looking to be re-elected, we would not be in this situation. But as an outgoing President, he is looking for something else to hang on his Presidential Resume.

Surge vs. Withdrawal

Depending on where you get your news, the 'Iraqi Surge' is working or it is not. The MSM is desperately reporting that the surge is not working, which is why most Americans believe it. However, a minority of the population is getting their news from troops on the ground, repeat visitors to the area, and the new media. These people are hearing something different. The Iraq Surge is working. Senator Joseph Lieberman is one such visitor that has positive comments on the surge.

No matter what the truth is on the subject, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is looking to bring back the subject of withdrawal.

New Democtrat Logo?

The Dems may want to look for a new logo to match the policies that they want to implement. I was thinking of the above logo.

The Universal Health Care Reform that is favored by the Dems is one such policy. A great explanation of these ideas is posted on Marginal Revolution.

Socialist ideas like this have been tried before. The Dems would like to model their health care programs on the programs of Europe. However problems exist, such as the problem facing Britain. Patients needing non-emergency care in the UK are waiting 18-weeks for care. In some cases, patients are waiting up to a year.

Around two-thirds of the long waits are in specialties such as orthopedics, ophthalmology, gynecology and ear, nose and throat.

That is exactly the kind of health policy that I want to have. I would love to wait for 18-weeks the next time that I get a kidney stone. Better yet, waiting a whole year for surgery. Oooh, I can't wait for the next surgery to repair a broken femur. May as well set it myself.

11 June 2007

Harry Reid's Favorable Numbers Below Bush

Harry Reid is now viewed favorably by 19% of American voters and unfavorably by 45%.

It is funny how the MSM plays up the bad numbers of the President, but fails to give us numbers on the key players in Congress.

At this time, President Bush's favorable numbers sit at 35% approval and 63% disapproval. Still down for the month, but not his worst numbers.